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We have added several plugins to manage game play and protect players as well as automatically issue punishments and bans making staff no longer necessary for the survival server. We have removed all staff ranks from the server as our staff members would like to play and are not necessary in game any longer. Staff will no longer be listed on the website either. The Owners will no longer be tagged as Owners in game, as we would also like to play the game as regular players, we are implementing a single rank for in game listed only as STAFF that can be turned on to take care of staff issues as they arise and turned off when no longer necessary. We will no longer accept staff applications and all previous applications have been canceled.

Our Current staff will remain staff they just will not be listed any longer, they will be able to work on projects on our development server as needed allowing them to experience game play as regular players on our game servers. Players will no longer be able to tell who is and who is not staff.

Server Down Time-

KnightReaver905 atag posted Jun 11, 16

The Survival server will be down for a short time for file transfers and backups, We expect this to take about 1 to 2 hours, the server will be down from 1:30pm CST till 3:30pm CST. We thank you for your patience. 

The server may come back up earlier, please check back, we will post it here when it comes back up.

2:34pm Survival Server is Back online, Thank you for your patience.

Jetpack Update!

KnightReaver905 atag posted May 2, 16

Due to 1.9 changeover our old jet-pack plugin no longer works, We have put in a new one that works with 1.9 and you can reclaim your Blaze jet-pack in the Loyalty Store. There will no longer be a coal jet-pack so if you purchased one you can get your points refunded.

Click here To reissue your Blaze Jet-Pack: and then click on Blaze Jetpack – reissue

Click here To get a refund for a Coal Jet-Pack: and then click on Coal Jetpack Refund

Survival 1.9.2

UrMom38 atag posted Apr 27, 16

You can now log on as you usually do and enjoy survival gameplay 1.9.2!

We are currently working on upgrading KotCT... We will be adding content and as towny will be replaced in the future with a new game play we are going to convert towny to survival, We will be updating towny to 1.9 and all players have been given the largest backpack possible to put there items in on Friday, April 22nd we will allow players to sign on and sell any items they want and store any other items into their backpack so they can take their items and money to survival, You will have till Sunday April 24th to do this on Monday April 25th we will update the server to survival. There will be no access on the 25th so we can do the change over, the server should be back up on Tuesday the 26th as a survival server. We will not be able to transfer your builds as we will be loading a 1.9 map. Your Money as-well as your inventory and your items in your backpack should be transferred over to the new server but we can not guarantee this, if this transfer fails we will set up a way for you to get any items you purchased from the store back in survival and we will be checking the balance of anyone who signed on over the weekend to get your money transferred. All items from the store will be transferred one way or another however no special permissions will be transferred, if we are able to get your special permissions to work they should be transferred at a later date. Survival will be released in alpha so expect some things not to work at first.. We will be removing the backpack plugin from the survival server on Friday April 29th and it will be replaced with a new backpack plugin so make sure you empty your backpack on the survival server or you will lose the items and we will not be able to get them back for you.

Things that will go to survival.

    1. Your loyalty points.

  1. Your Money from in game.

  2. Your Inventory.

  3. Contents of your backpack.

  4. Some of your loyalty store plugins will go some wont, this may take some time to implement.

The server address will not change.

KnightReaver905 atag UPDATE: We should be finished with the changeover on Wensday the 27th orfApril. We are unable to bring inventories and b...
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