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We are currently converting Survival to 1.10.2.

The server is whitelisted until we can complete the conversion.

This post will be edited with a notice when it is complete and you can sign on again.

EDIT: 6:85pm 8/7/2016

Survival is now converted to 1.10.2 - You may now log on again..

You may request your builds be moved by typeing /et open Please move this build to the new world.

Your build will be moved to the same place in the new world unless it has already been claimed by someone else!

The new world will look a lot like the old one, just with the new blocks and villages.

Your homes will still work in the old world untill it is deleted! The portal at spawn will take you to the New world,

The New Nether and the New End!

We are current testing updating to 1.10.2 on our Development server!

If testing works, we will be changing Survival 1.9 to 1.10.2!

We will make a new map, however we will move builds to the new map as requested for the next two weeks, after two weeks we will delete the 1.9 map!

We will make a post here that says we have updated, from that date you will have 2 weeks to request a build move to the new map. The old map will not be deleted till all requests have been fulfilled! However no new requests will be accepted after the two week deadline!

The Map Change is nessary due to changes made in 1.10.. The map changes will be for the World map, Nether Map and End Map. The Spawn Map will remain as we do not need to regenerate blocks for that map.

Your signs and chest including items will be moved, there may be some issues with doors being broken and there may be some issues with hoppers, dispensers and droppers being placed in the wrong direction, there may also be issues with redstone placement being broken.

VisibleNoise Sweet! Time to gather materials for the new world! Ravage the old!

Our new banner!

KnightReaver905 atag posted Jul 8, 16

Our New Banner

We have added several plugins to manage game play and protect players as well as automatically issue punishments and bans making staff no longer necessary for the survival server. We have removed all staff ranks from the server as our staff members would like to play and are not necessary in game any longer. Staff will no longer be listed on the website either. The Owners will no longer be tagged as Owners in game, as we would also like to play the game as regular players, we are implementing a single rank for in game listed only as STAFF that can be turned on to take care of staff issues as they arise and turned off when no longer necessary. We will no longer accept staff applications and all previous applications have been canceled.

Our Current staff will remain staff they just will not be listed any longer, they will be able to work on projects on our development server as needed allowing them to experience game play as regular players on our game servers. Players will no longer be able to tell who is and who is not staff.

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